Mastering the 7 Key Principles of Social Commerce

Over a dozen years and what feels like a million mouse clicks, we've cooked up a secret sauce: 7 game-changing tweaks for eCommerce success. Consider this the ultimate 'cheat sheet' for brands hungry to boost their sales via social media – based on what we know works, less guesswork, more 'cha-ching!'

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7 Key Strategies for Boosting Your Social Commerce Success

Unlock Your Brand's Social Commerce Power:
A Simple Guide

During our client meetings with eCommerce brands, we frequently discuss essential optimisations for for conversion optimisation and average order growth. Many are simple and effective right away, while others show clear benefits soon after implementation. Unlike time-intensive eCommerce funnel tweaks that need a team from sales and marketing, the strategies we list here are easier to apply and often yield better results. These optimisations are so vital for eCommerce brands using social media in their business that they should be considered essential.

1. Increase Average Order Value with Multi Tags

Tag several related items in every photo or video displayed.

Tag at least two products in each photo or video.
Show customers how to complete their outfit.
Suggest matching items, like the other half of a bikini set.

Enhance Product Discovery: Boost customer engagement by showcasing various items in use within your photos or videos. This not only broadens product awareness but also extends the time customers spend on your site, encouraging them to envision using your products. Begin by tagging multiple items and recommending complementary products in every visual.

2. Avoid Sending Customers to Instagram to Lower Your Bounce Rates

Keep your customers engaged on your site instead of redirecting them to external platforms like Instagram.

Avoid linking out to Instagram
Opt for a shoppable gallery on your site instead
Tag your most engaging posts and keep them updated

It's like throwing a party and then sending your guests to the neighbour's house! You put in all this effort to draw customers to your site, only to then roll out the red carpet for their exit. Flip the script: use a shoppable gallery that keeps the party on your page, linking to your own products. Watch as your site becomes the place to be, boosting both dwell time and conversions.

3. Increase Conversion Rates with Social Proof

Convert buyer interest into sales by showcasing Social Proof on PDPs.

Avoid linking out to Instagram
Opt for a shoppable gallery on your site instead
Tag your most engaging posts and keep them updated

When it's time to whip out the credit card, there's always that dramatic pause: Do I really need this? Is this the one? Here's where a little show-and-tell comes in handy. Display user-generated content as social proof on your product pages. It's like giving your customers a friendly nudge, showing them how fabulous life is with your product. It's not just a purchase; it's joining a club of happy users. So, as they see others rocking your product, their confidence jumps up - 'Yes, I need this in my life!

4. Champion Authenticity in Your Content

Build Buyer Trust by Showcasing Real Customer Experiences

Embrace User-Generated Content (UGC) confidently
Spotlight shoppable sections like: 'From Our Community: Real Moments, Real People'. 'As seen on you...'
Highlight hero customers in posts with 'by @username'

Many brands hesitate to feature user-generated content (UGC) due to concerns it might not align with their carefully curated aesthetic. This reluctance often stems from a desire to maintain a certain brand image, fearing that UGC might disrupt the visual harmony they've established. However, the reality is that incorporating UGC can significantly enhance a brand's credibility and relatability. When brands do embrace this approach, they often witness a substantial return in terms of customer engagement and trust. By showcasing real customer experiences and perspectives, they create a more authentic and approachable image, which resonates strongly with today's consumers who value genuineness and transparency.

5. Track Your Content's Impact

Harness Data Insights to Refine and Optimise Your Strategy

Implement the Sauce tracking code in your checkout.
Identify your most effective images and videos.
Strategically utilise your top-performing content on landing pages and in email campaigns.

Think of Sauce's analytics dashboard as your secret superpower, complete with a tracking code for your 'post purchase' checkout page. It's like having X-ray vision for sales - see which posts are cash magnets and what happens in the lead up to checkout. Use these insights to spotlight your top content, transforming it into a powerhouse of sales-driving photos and videos. It's more than just analysing data; it's like orchestrating a symphony that leads to more sales!

6. Transform Product Pages into Conversion Hubs

Smarten Your Product Display with Dynamic, Content-Rich Product Page Galleries

Put galleries on your product pages.
Tag several items in each photo or video.
Include colour options in your tags.

Pimp up your website with Sauce's Product Page Galleries – it's like having a clever sales assistant who knows exactly what your customer wants to see. These galleries aren't just smart; they're mind-readers, automatically tailoring themselves to the product your customer is eyeballing. They show off your items in all sorts of natural context scenarios, giving that gentle nudge towards 'Add to Cart'. And, like a magician pulling rabbits out of a hat, they also sneakily display matching products, increasing the odds of your customers gadding more items to their cart. Implement these galleries to not only enhance product visualisation but also to boost the likelihood of multi-item purchases.

7. Engage with Video Commerce

Propel Sales and Customer Engagement with Shoppable Videos

Gather videos from Instagram, TikTok, or your own collection
Tag products featured in your videos
Create a Video Shopping Carousel Gallery and position it under your Hero banners for maximum impact

Tag your products in Instagram, TikTok and your own uploaded videos, play them under your Hero banners, and watch customers go from 'just browsing' to 'must have this!' in a flash. Remember, 90% of buyers seek out videos before they hit 'buy'.

Step into the World of Advanced Social Commerce

Harness the Full Power of Your Social Media for Unmatched eCommerce Success

As we conclude our exploration of the 7 must-have social commerce hacks for online brands, remember that the key to unlocking your untapped potential lies in smart, strategic implementations. The insights and strategies shared here are designed to be both easy to apply and highly effective, often surpassing the results of more complex eCommerce tactics. By integrating these hacks into your digital strategy, you position your brand not just to compete but to lead in the dynamic world of online retail. Embrace these approaches, and watch your brand flourish in the realm of social commerce, where engagement, innovation, and growth go hand in hand.

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