Unlock New Possibilities with Integrations

Effortlessly link your online store to Instagram and TikTok to unlock improved shopping potential and customisation. Elevate your business with these impactful integrations and reach new levels of success.

Expand Your Reach

Give customers more ways to discover your products.

Engage and Showcase

Highlight top User Generated Content in your store using customer photos and videos from social media, and curate this content to craft interactive shoppable experiences.

Grow Effortlessly

Effortlessly expand your business and manage more traffic using Sauce's comprehensive integrated solutions.


Adapt your shoppable galleries and shop templates to fit your specific business requirements seamlessly with eCommerce integrations.

Simplify and Scale Up

Easily Link Apps and Integrations

Boost the effectiveness of Sauce and your store by seamlessly connecting with your store's platform, Instagram, TikTok, email, social messages, and beyond.


Integrate with your Instagram messages to enrich user data for those contacting you, enhancing your marketing collections with deeper insights.


Gather and display Instagram content, including your posts, user-generated content, and influencer media. Connect these with your products, allowing customers to shop seamlessly from engaging image and video galleries on your website.


Gather TikTok reels, tag them with products, and enable customers to shop from dynamic video galleries on your website.


Sauce links with Facebook's product catalogue, enabling bidirectional synchronisation for product tagging on Instagram.


Sauce for June boosts your email strategies by seamlessly integrating shoppable social content, automatically gathered from Instagram and TikTok, into your campaigns and transactional emails.


Sauce for MailChimp enhances your email marketing and transactional messages by automatically incorporating dynamic, shoppable social proof sourced from Instagram and TikTok.


Sauce for Klaviyo enriches your CRM workflows by integrating your customers' Instagram data, enabling personalised incentives and automated influencer marketing strategies.


Enhance your SupaDupa store's progress with Sauce's engaging social shopping galleries, innovative video commerce, and efficient automations.


Automate your client social commerce billing as a recurring SAAS service.

Big Commerce

Sauce for BigCommerce makes it easy to use your product catalogue data to turn your Instagram and TikTok media into shopping experiences and sell more stuff.


Sauce for Magento effortlessly transforms your Instagram and TikTok media into shoppable experiences, utilising your product catalogue data to boost sales.

Adobe Commerce

Sauce for Adobe Commerce seamlessly converts your Instagram and TikTok content into interactive shopping experiences, tapping into your live product catalogue data to increase sales.


Accelerate your Shopify growth with powerful Sauce social shopping galleries, video commerce, and automations.

Shopify Plus

Boost your Shopify store's expansion with Sauce's dynamic social shopping galleries, video commerce features, and smart automations.


Boost your eCommerce and drive sales through social shopping when you connect your Squarespace commerce and website data to Sauce.

Woo Commerce

Get access to powerful sales-driving social shopping features that drive conversions via social proof, shopping galleries and video commerce.

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Video Playback in Visual Shopping Grids: Enhance your shopping experience with integrated video content in product displays

Integrations FAQs

Find answers to commonly asked questions about integrating Sauce into your eCommerce funnels

How do I update to enjoy new features?

Our platform automatically updates to bring you the latest features. If you need to update manually, simply head to the 'Settings' or 'About' section. We'll make sure you're always up to date with our newest innovations

How can I learn to use the new features effectively?

Get to grips with our new features effortlessly! We provide tutorials, webinars, and detailed guides. Our customer support and community forums are also here to help you every step of the way.

Can I revert to a previous version if I don't like the new updates?

As our platform evolves, reverting to older versions isn't feasible. However, your feedback is crucial for us. If you have any concerns about new updates, let us know – we're always looking to improve based on what you tell us.

Will updating affect my current settings or data?

Generally, updates are designed to enhance features without altering your existing settings or data so there's no need to back up your data or media before trying out a new update.

Are there any costs involved with the latest feature updates?

Typically, updates are included in your subscription. However, for significant upgrades or new feature sets, there may be extra charges, depending on your chosen service plan or package.

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