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During this call we’ll cover ways you can:
Make Social a force in your customer growth
Activate, curate and promote UGC
Integrate with your eCommerce storefront
Turn site engagement into sales
Identify New Target Audiences
Develop a Content Strategy
Explore Influencer Collaborations
Encourage User-Generated Content (UGC)
Review Your Sauce Platform Integration
Highlight Actionable Insights from KPIs

You’ll leave with a clear understanding of how using Sauce for your brand and making it relevant to shoppers within your own sales funnels and the social media networks they use every day could be a game changer for achieving any results faster in your business.

Sauce is Meta Certified

Transform Your Social Buyer Journey with Sauce's All-In-One Influencer, UGC, and Visual Shopping Hub...

Merge Influencers, Visual Shopping, and User Generated Content under a single comprehensive platform to create a cohesive and impactful social shopping experience that drives customer engagement, fosters loyalty, and boosts sales via Social, Web and Email.

Expect more!
Average 30 day gains:

Increase in Customer Time on Site
Auto-Captured Media
Volume of UGC being Contributed
On Site Bounce Rate Improvement

Integrate Sauce Social Commerce Across Your Buyer Journey

Sauce is designed to work in harmony with leading industry platforms, simplifying your tasks and streamlining your workflow.

Our Standout Brands

We're honoured to share that over 60,000 brands are now part of our Sauce community. Partnering with these esteemed brands, we've embarked on a journey of bolstering their reputation, optimising their conversions, unlocking their customer advocacy, and propelling business growth. Their success stories fuel our commitment to fostering a vibrant ecosystem where businesses flourish through enhanced engagement and informed decisions.