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Merge Influencers, Visual Shopping, and User Generated Content under a single comprehensive platform to create a cohesive and impactful social shopping experience that drives customer engagement, fosters loyalty, and boosts sales via Social, Web and Email.

Show Customer Trust

Display User Generated Content to provide customers with real, unbiased opinions and reviews from actual users, which can significantly boost the authenticity and trustworthiness of your brand.

Build Communities

Encourage interaction among customers to create a sense of community around your brand, keeping your audience engaged and returning for more. With targeted campaigns and streamlined activation processes, Sauce helps brands cultivate loyal brand ambassadors who not only promote their products but also inspire trust among their networks.

Product Discovery

User-Generated Content often showcases products in real-world scenarios, helping potential buyers discover new products or see how they're used, which stimulates interest and drives sales.

Take Full Control of Your User Generated Content

Harness Your Customers' Video and Photo Content to Drive Consumer Trust via Storytelling

Boost your brand with UGC to build trust and increase sales. Display real customer interactions to connect with prospects. Utilise Sauce's UGC features to stand out in a competitive market and ensure lasting success.

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Streamline Your Brand's Content Capture Process

Sauce's UGC Auto-Collect simplifies your brand's content gathering. It constantly scans millions of accounts to find and collect genuine customer mentions of your brand in posts and reels, saving you time and resources by collecting and cataloguing their media for your use.


Simplify UGC Management for Impactful Brand Stories

Effortlessly curate compelling brand narratives with streamlined UGC management. Simplify the process of selecting and organising genuine customer experiences to craft powerful stories that resonate with your audience. Embrace this efficient approach to enhance engagement, build trust, and drive conversions, positioning your brand for lasting success.

Tag Products

Turn Authentic Content into a Seamless Shopping Experience

Tag your products in photos and videos to enable customers to 'buy the story' as they engage with genuine user-generated content, transforming browsing into purchasing opportunities.


Showcase Authentic Experiences Shared by Loyal Customers

Foster trust by immersing shoppers in genuine experiences shared by loyal customers. Sauce offers you the flexibility to tailor every facet of your galleries, from layouts and aesthetics to defining rules that ensure the right content is showcased at each customer touchpoint within your store. Sauce's User Generated Content (UGC) is crafted to captivate potential buyers, bolster brand credibility, and elevate engagement and conversion rates.

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Track Your UGC Performance to Understand it's Impact on Sales

Tap into your Fanalytics to track and report on sales growth, basket size and conversions. Identify collaboration prospects with top-performing customers, maximise revenue, and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Reach Your Peak with UGC

We'll help get you there.

Sauce's User Generated Content (UGC) is designed to fuel sales growth. Through a results-driven approach, Sauce UGC transitions shoppers from mere inspiration to confirmed purchases. Our meticulously curated and integrated blend of Branded, UGC, and Influencer content across Sauce's Shoppable Galleries, PDP Galleried, Shop the Look Cards, Email Galleries, and Sauce TV™ not only redefines online shopping but significantly boosts conversions. Discover the impact of a seamless, immersive, and interactive shopping journey with Sauce. Your pathway to optimised sales is but a click away.

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Integrate Sauce Social Commerce Across Your Buyer Journey

Sauce is designed to work in harmony with leading industry platforms, simplifying your tasks and streamlining your workflow.

Our Standout Brands

We're honoured to share that over 60,000 brands are now part of our Sauce community. Partnering with these esteemed brands, we've embarked on a journey of bolstering their reputation, optimising their conversions, unlocking their customer advocacy, and propelling business growth. Their success stories fuel our commitment to fostering a vibrant ecosystem where businesses flourish through enhanced engagement and informed decisions.