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Sauce's Influencer Solutions give you everything you need to discover, partner with, and activate Instagram influencers who can act as an extension of your sales team.

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Sauce Influencer Plus Finds You New Audiences for Your Brand with Strategic Influencer Partnerships

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Merge Influencers, Visual Shopping, and User Generated Content under a single comprehensive platform to create a cohesive and impactful social shopping experience that drives customer engagement, fosters loyalty, and boosts sales via Social, Web and Email.

Identify, Persuade, and Influence Shoppers at Scale

Collaborate with Authentic Influencers, Leverage their Content, and Craft Tailored Campaigns for Impactful Brand Stories and Stronger Customer Relationships.

Sauce Influencer Plus streamlines your influencer marketing, amplifying brand distribution and ensuring seamless integration with Instagram. Tap into a dynamic network of influencers and authentic micro-creator content to captivate your audience, all through Sauce's intuitive platform – leaving cumbersome spreadsheets behind. Enjoy powerful analytics, enhanced SEO, and dedicated support to ensure your campaigns are both compliant and compelling.

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Precision Targeting

Harness Search Power

Tap into the largest unbiased data bank of Instagram Influencers and Brands, encompassing over 69 million indexed accounts. Uncover influencers whose audience interests align perfectly with your brand, ensuring precise and effective targeting for your campaigns.

Audience Insights

Analyse Compatibility

Understand the potential of each influencer to deliver interested audiences for your brand with Sauce's in-depth audience analytics. This tool provides a comprehensive look into the demographics and interests of an influencer's followers, aligning them with your brand's target market for maximum impact.

Reputation Index

Evaluate Authentic Credibility

Measure the authenticity and trustworthiness of influencers using our AI-driven Reputation analysis. By assessing the genuineness of influencer-brand relationships, you can build campaigns on solid foundations of credibility.

Campaign Management

Streamline Operations

Simplify your influencer campaigns with our integrated management suite. Organize, execute, and track all aspects of your influencer partnerships from a single, intuitive platform, enhancing efficiency and control.

Tracking Dynamics

Monitor Interactions Automatically

Sauce's engagement and sales tracking tools offer real-time insights into how audiences are interacting with influencer content. Understand the resonance and reach of your marketing efforts with precision to adjust strategies dynamically for better engagement.

ROI Calculator

Project Profitability

Navigate the financial landscape of influencer campaigns with our ROI dashboard. Set and track key performance indicators, analyzing the economic effectiveness of your influencer partnerships to ensure profitable ventures.

Content Utilisation

Maximise Influencer Asset Value

Maximise the impact of influencer content and prolong its life cycle with Sauce's shoppable content solutions. Repurpose influencer assets throughout your digital touchpoints—from product pages to emails and landing pages—utilising social proof and authentic testimonials to fuel sales, elevate average order values (AOV), and uplift conversion rates, thereby enhancing your marketing ROI.

Collaboration Gateway

Engage Potential Partners

Use Sauce's messaging system to respond swiftly to influencers seeking collaboration. Vet potential partners effectively, crafting brand-aligned responses that resonate with their style and audience, ensuring a consistent and compelling narrative across all channels.

Agency Expertise

Entrust Full-Service Management

Leverage the full spectrum of Sauce's agency expertise for your influencer marketing projects. With our experienced professionals at the helm, we handle every detail from strategy to execution, ensuring your campaigns flourish under expert guidance.

Widen Your Audience Circle with Sauce Influencer Plus

We're Your Engine.

Sauce's end-to-end influencer marketing and social commerce tools are expertly crafted to not only amplify your brand's appeal but also to significantly enhance engagement, optimise conversions, and increase customer interaction on your sales channels. Data drawn from millions of influencer engagements demonstrate how Sauce skillfully turns Influencers' followers into committed customers, providing an exceptional brand experience that aligns with the refined brand discovery behaviours of today's consumers.

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Sauce is designed to work in harmony with leading industry platforms, simplifying your tasks and streamlining your workflow.

Our Standout Brands

We're honoured to share that over 60,000 brands are now part of our Sauce community. Partnering with these esteemed brands, we've embarked on a journey of bolstering their reputation, optimising their conversions, unlocking their customer advocacy, and propelling business growth. Their success stories fuel our commitment to fostering a vibrant ecosystem where businesses flourish through enhanced engagement and informed decisions.